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At Black Rope Gun Dogs, I strive to meet the specific needs of every client. My training philosophy is "Whatever works". Thatsaid, all training is based on a solid foundation of obedience. Certain aspects of training transcend all gun dog training. Regardless of breed or type, all personal gun dogs should ultimatelydo the same thing for their owners, put more game in the game bag. Its been said if you can't control a dog on a leash you're surely not going to control them 200 yards away.

TOPTEN things ALL gun dogs should do.

1. Come when called.

2. Stop when told.

3. Sit when told.

4. Heel when told.

5. Remain steady to flush.

6. Remain steady to shot.

7. Remain steady to fall.

8. Fetch on command.

9. Continue the search for downed game until game is found or called off by their Master.

10. Handle game gently but firmly.

If your dog could do these 10 things consistently you'd be miles ahead of most hunters and their dogs and any hunter without a dog. This is theMINIMUM I expect from any dog I train. Where we go from here is entirely up to you. Even if you dog comes to me for specific training or problem solving, they will be trained to this standard, because most problems stem from holes in the dog's "TOP TEN".

Hunting dogs... By a hunter, for hunters.

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